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Spanish Real Estate: A Profitable Investment Option

Spanish Real Estate scene is on the roll. There is rapid real estate development happening in all parts of Spain, and interestingly much of this is happening outside the biggest cities.
For example, the Spanish coastal areas, the hitherto neglected areas until recently, have been witnessing a surge in real estate development and investments in the […]

Famagusta Real Estate

Within the island nation of Cyprus lies the city of Famagusta. Famagusta is actually on the east coast of the Cyprus Island and is the capital of the Famagusta District within the country of Cyprus. It is located in one of the more important and pertinent bays in Cyprus and has actually a long history […]

Northern Cyprus Property as One of the Hottest Emerging Markets

Tourism has been racing upwards since the year 2000, and Northern Cyprus and attracting huge numbers from the EU and further abroad. There has been an average annual increase of 6.2% in tourist numbers over the last 4 years. This rapid increase in tourism, coupled with the rise in property prices across Northern Cyprus, property […]

Paphos Cyprus Real Estate

There are a number of different places within Cyprus that people can live if they want to and one of those places happens to be the town known as Paphos. Paphos is located on the coast in southwest Cyprus and indeed with a population of around 47,000, you can see that it is not a […]

Valencia Real Estate - Spain

Valencia is located in the middle of the Spanish Mediterranean coastal region and it is the capital of the community of Valencia as well as the center of a region known as L’Horta. The place is very densely populated having as many as one thousand six hundred people living on every square kilometer of land. […]

Andalucia property

Owning property in Andalucia can often require that you need to be a part of an organization known as Community of Owners, and for more information about this, you would need to ask a lawyer whether there is Community of Owners where you are buying real estate and the way that is run because they […]

Larnaca (Cyprus) Property

There are a number of interesting cities located within the island nation of Cyprus and Larnaca happens to be one of those places. Not only home to the major international airport on the island, but it is also a city with a rich history that like most of the other areas on Cyprus has large […]

Barcelona Real Estate

Finding real estate options in Barcelona can be quite an adventure in itself as this city that is perhaps the most funky of all cities in Spain has excellent accommodation that includes very distinct homes and apartments set in very stylish surroundings. The real estate options in Barcelona are sure to have all that you […]

Cyprus Real Estate

Cyprus is officially its own Republic and is an island country located within the Mediterranean Sea just south of Turkey. It is a large island nation that many people associate with Greek and Turkey simply because the history of the island does involve a lot of influence from both countries. Nowadays though, Cyprus is not […]

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