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Cyprus is officially its own Republic and is an island country located within the Mediterranean Sea just south of Turkey. It is a large island nation that many people associate with Greek and Turkey simply because the history of the island does involve a lot of influence from both countries. Nowadays though, Cyprus is not only its own independent nation, but it is also a place where a number of tourists visit every single year. Whether a person is looking to visit as a tourist on a regular basis or perhaps even move out to the island of Cyprus, one of the things they need to be aware of is the type of real estate that is available within the Cyprus area.

Normal Housing

There is of course normal housing available in Cyprus just as there is normal housing available everywhere else around the world. Cyprus as an island is the type of island that has normal housing available to people not only that are looking to live there, but also people that are looking to visit there for a short while. Renting normal housing is not a difficult thing to do if you want to stay in Cyprus longer than a normal vacation but not anywhere near long term and of course if you are planning to move out to Cyprus you can certainly take a look at the normal housing units available for sale.


Villas are quite a bit different from normal houses. Villas are like the European version of mansions in North America, but they tend to be quite a bit more airy, better constructed, nicer looking and generally more respectful of the environment around them. The interesting thing about most villas is that last aspect; villas tend to be placed in areas that are environmentally and naturally beautiful and therefore the people that construct villas quite frequently end up trying to disturb the natural environment as little as possible so that the villa’s owner can experience the beauty of nature from the comfort of their newly constructed villa.


People that are not really interested in normal housing or villas (or that just simply don’t have the money to be able to afford them) might be more interested in the idea of apartments. Apartments generally are not as common in the affluent areas of Europe as they would be elsewhere around the world, but there are definitely apartment buildings in Cyprus as well as other high density housing structures that you could definitely take a look at from the point of being interested in either renting or purchasing them for yourself.


Timeshares run the gamut of all of the three mentioned above. Timeshares are not really purchasing opportunities, but rather they are the opportunity for people to look through the different properties in terms of the properties themselves being able to be leased for part of the year. They are resort options that people can take a look at and ultimately they are options that many people enjoy for the vast discount that can be brought in.

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