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When you are looking for true European flair, then what you would definitely want to be looking at is the fact that Sofia as a capital of Bulgaria is something that people would be drawn to because of the true European flair that it exhibits as a city. When you consider everything that has happened over the years in European history, what you see is that Sofia is one of those constants; it is one of the oldest capital cities within all of Europe and it has a history that extend back to well into the BC era. There are so many different ways in which Sofia has affected history that it is regarded very highly as a city and as such real estate ventures to improve and widen the city are constantly underway.

Housing Units

Housing units are a very popular form of residential area within Sofia and indeed when you look at the different housing units that are currently available, what you see is that the average construction of the housing units available in Sofia are actually quite good. In most places, housing units are not constructed particularly well because they are not really high demand units but within Sofia the architecture on average is very good regardless of what you happen to be looking at. The city itself is very beautiful so there is of course that added incentive to make all of the different parts of the city look very good indeed.

Apartment Buildings

There are a number of different apartment buildings located within the borders of Sofia and ultimately it is those apartment buildings that get a lot of play vis-à-vis real estate because they are affordable and have a decent construction to fall back on. High density housing is beginning to become very popular in Sofia for the simple reason that a lot of the different areas of Sofia are becoming very populated that building outwards is becoming nowhere near as efficient as building upwards. With a population of 1.3 million people, Sofia is definitely in a place where apartment buildings are starting to be looked at very seriously.


While not are prevalent in Sofia as they might be in other places, Mansions nevertheless do give off a very good vibe in the sense that they are places that people can purchase for a very decent price. Of course, if you don’t want to purchase mansions yourself then you can always just purchase a large plot of land and have your own mansion built on that specific plot of land. Whichever way you want to choose it, the mansions are definitely an option for someone with the means to buy them within the city of Sofia.


Real estate opportunities definitely abound within Sofia and the more attention you pay to each new one as it becomes available, the more likely it is that you will be able to point exactly to where the different opportune real estate dealings are available. The more likely you can do that, the better your chances are of getting a very good deal.

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